• Is an extraordinary retail experience.
    Is more than 10,000 SQM and is all about a great selection of brands.
  • 10,000 SQM retail experience
  • One of China's megalopolises
  • CONCERT is all about unique partnerships, acting in harmony, playing together.
    Together with you and your brand(s), we will redefine the multi-brand fashion concept store into a totally new objective and retail experience. Future-proof.
    China will surprise you. Together, we will surprise China.

CONCERT = To act together.
Composition. Harmoniously. United.

5 Dutch entrepreneurs are opening a unique concept store.
In the heart of the Chengdu shopping district in Southwest China.
More than 10,000 SQM.
A massive concept store and 
intimate department store – in one.

Frank Vollebregt
Einsteinweg 57
3434 LJ IJsselstein
The Netherlands

M. +31 6 557 68 961
E. frank@concertchengdu.com